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© Words and Music Roger Whittaker
Published by Twin Oaks Music Ireland Ltd. January 2005


Mother Earth
Below the Ocean Indiana
Shrugged her shoulders
Shook the land below the waves
And in the early morning dawn
A Tsunami wave was born
Which swept away the lives no one could save.


So many thousand souls
Are in Paradise tonight
The strong, the weak, the young, the old
The brown, the black , the white
Are in Paradise tonight
Two HundredThousand souls
(choir)and So many thousands more
(all) in Paradise tonight


Look up
Look up and see the stars
Look up - it's quite a sight
Are they shining brighter now?
Are there more of them somehow?
Two hundred thousand souls
in Paradise tonight


On the coast
Around the Ocean Indianus (Indiana)
People came to see this Eden in the East
And they never heard the sound
From deep within the ground
They never guessed
The deadly nature of the Beast

Look up
Look up and see the stars etc…



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